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Does Duolingo help you get the skill to talk in Spanish?

Regardless of the answer I'm planning on finishing my tree but I was wondering if near the end I'll be able to speak reasonably well in Spanish. Thanks :)

3 years ago



It all depends on how much you invest in it! And how much you speak with other speakers! Because if you take this whole course and then go and try to speak for the first time, you're still gonna struggle! So I highly suggest to start speaking from day 1!

3 years ago


Duo alone won't do it. Duo, alongside other resources, will get you to a high beginner/low intermediate conversational level.

3 years ago


Duo will help you with vocabulary and give you the starting point. But speaking, reading, listening, and writing all demand somewhat different things from your brain. So practice all of them and get better across the board.

It's also worth noting that the text to speech voices are not perfect, and our speech mimics what we hear. You need exposure to native speakers if you want to sound like a human instead of an uncanny valley robot.

3 years ago

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For speaking i'll recommend vebling with google + Hangouts. The Best In my opinion.

3 years ago