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More Time for More Work

In the 30 second timed practice. I find that it can give you from 3 to 10 words sentences, but it gives you the same time bonus regardless of the amount of work... It takes me about 5-10 seconds just to read the longer sentences and translate them; so, it's actually better to just fail it and get a smaller sentence. And this also applies for listening, I can't listen to longer sentence any faster than 5 or so seconds... The time bonus needs to be based on about how much work is required.

November 26, 2012

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I completely agree. I've noticed too that it's better to fail a long sentence that is going to require a lot of typing (especially when umlauted characters are involved) and hope the next item will be something fast like a multiple choice, or choosing the appropriate definite article to go with a noun. As it is now, my solution is, I just don't do timed practices.

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