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  5. "Elephants eat apples."

"Elephants eat apples."

Translation:Itheann eilifintí úlla.

February 7, 2015



Why no article for elephants?


The sentence refers to elephants in general rather than a specific group of elephants, so there’s no need for an article.


Such a fine point. Very frustrating but I am glad you explained it. Maybe I can get some of these right now. Can't move on until I do.


That exact point applies in both English and Irish; why did you find it very frustrating?


I don't think think elephants eat apples...


Elephants eat whatever they want to eat!


Not sure, they do really like strawberries though.


Itheann eilifintí ceapairí, because I am the walrus.


I've actually started complaining each time elephants turn up in this module, asking whether more sensible animals could be included. It's not like we're likely to forget a word like elephant anyway - nor that we would need to use it on a daily basis.


You would if you really liked elephants. :-)


I have calmed down since then, actually! I was in a bad mood. Now I love me the elephants.


I have to agree. Some words are just used over and over again but others hardly at all. I may never remember what "seal" is and "The crab has water" I am never going to get because it doesn't make much sense. Why can't "The dog has water" be a sentence. THAT one I would use!


If you can say "The crab has water," and you can say "the dog," you can say, "the dog has water."


why is the ending vowel in elifinti & the beginning vowel in ulla not spelt eilifinti hulla? Go raibh maith agat


??? Why would you add a h-prefix?

Do you put a h-prefix between the ending vowel in & the beginning vowel in an? Or between the ending vowel in tá sé & the beginning vowel ag rith?

There is no general rule that requires a h between any word that ends in a vowel and a following word that starts with a vowel. When a h-prefix is used, it is only used between two vowels (or vowel sounds, at least), but that doesn't mean that you always use a h-prefix between two vowels - as the verb is extremely common and so is the definite article an, and prepositions that start with vowels regularly come after the pronouns and , the h-prefix is the exception, not the rule.


Why are you not using 'na' in front if eilifants?


na is a definite article ("the").

There is no definite article in "Elephants eat apples".

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