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"Håndbold er en populær sport i Europa."

Translation:Handball is a popular sport in Europe.

February 7, 2015



I've never noticed that.


Handball is made in Denmark :)


Not sure if it needs more clarification, but in the US, "handball" is a completely different game, akin to racquetball, but played without racquets and using gloved hands instead. As a result, a lot of Americans reading this may think it's talking about that game instead.

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What, like their football is some sort of fugby, too? Strange fellows, those Americans!


I'm American and I never heard of that type of "American handball" until now. In gym class we would always play something similar to the European style.


If it helps, we called this olympic handball in Ireland when I was younger. As handball in Ireland is a Gaelic game, also played in America and Canada where you hit a ball off a wall with your hand and it is played between two opponents rather than between teams


Being from Europe I've never even heard of it


It's basically basketball but with goals instead of baskets (of course there are many more differences, but the basic idea's the same)


Just wondering why the d in håndbold is pronounced similar to an Engish D by this speaker?

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