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French music

Hi, everybody! I'm learning french, and I think translating and listening to music in the language you are learning helps a lot to remember some words... So, what are your favorite french bands/singers/songs?

August 10, 2013



Some great choices here. Also check out Ben L'oncle Soul who sings in both English and French. very cool.


If you want to listen to some rock, I would recommend Superbus (you will also here some english words in their lyrics, but most of the text is in french). Otherwise, also rock but a bit older: Indochine (and a hint, their lyrics don't make complete sense to me although I am a native french speaker).


Zaz for sure, both her albums are extraordinary. "J'adore" by Louxor is a great party song. "Ca plane pour moi" is a good old french rock for you. Some songs by Vanessa Paradis are also good(http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nP6eLBqqHwM , http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RuD0iUgJ-L8). This song by Julie Delpy, http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jGlnYUQXaUQ . You might also like La Femme, they recently had their first album out. French songs in "Midnight in Paris" soundtrack is phenomenal, if you don't care about words for a bit.


Thanks for the great recs... Loved the song from Before Sunset! And I see you're starting to learn portuguese... If you ever need help, let me know!


Thanks for the kind offer! Are you as awesome in spanish too? I can certainly "use" a spanish friend right now :)


Btw, if you like the song, you'll love the movie. All three in the trilogy infact. Before Sunrise/Sunset/Midnight. Check'em out


I'm sorry to say my spanish is very bad.. Hahaha I'm like most brazilian people who never studied spanish but try to communicate anyway... We create awesome new words!


Mine are Carla Bruni, Alcest, Edith Piaf, Olivia Ruiz and Louise Attaque.. An album by Alcest called "souvenirs d'un autre monde" is especially beautiful!


Given this selection, chances are you could also enjoy ZAZ, BĂ©nabar, Charles Trenet or Jacques Brel.


Arnaud Fleurant Didier et Mathieu Boogaerts


Anyone know of any French language indie rock?

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Carmen Maria Vega (Indie with a jazz influence also), Noir Desir , Coeur de Pirate ,Les Negresses Vertes, Benabar. Also MC Solaar ,Kenza Farah and Keny Arkana have some interesting lyrics although they are Hip-hop and Rap performers. Also Nolwenn Leroy (who also sings in Breton) and Dominique A (sorry forgot to mention these two earlier).


Cool! Hip-hop is my other favourite genre of music. Will have a look at these.


I've been listening to a Canadian French radio station online, called La Premier Chaine. They speak too quickly for me to be exactly sure what they're speaking about, but it does seem to help.


Love the french language, just finished doing an A level in it, thoroughly enjoyed it, I listen to Sheryfa Luna, Tal, Sexion D'assaut, maitre gims, Shy'M, Axelle Red (Belgian but sings in French) love her song amour profond, I love Keen'V and his new song la vie du bon cote, amandine bourgeois, jessy matador , stromae etc

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