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"Tycker" och "tycker om"

Today someone informed me that there are three words for "think" in Swedish (one to denote the art of using your brain, one to denote having an opinion - tycker, and one that I forgot).

I just wanted to point this out because it was confusing to me up until now that "tycker" meant "think" and "tycker om" meant "like".

February 8, 2015



The four you are thinking about are probably: tänka, tycka and tycka om. (EDIT: Four: tänka, tycka, tycka om, tro)

  • Tänka -- The act of thinking. -- Jag tänker på dig. I'm thinking about you.
  • Tycka -- To think, to have an opinion. -- Jag tycker att svenska är lätt. I think Swedish is easy.
  • Tycka om -- To like. -- Jag tycker om äppelmos. I like applesauce.
  • Tro -- To think, to believe. -- Jag tror inte att det är en bra idé. I don't think that's a good idea.


  • Tänka kan also be used similarily to "will", "going to" and "intend", e.g Jag tänker köpa en bil. I will (intend to) buy a car.
  • Added "tro".
  • Also added wiktionary links. Wiktionary is usually a really good resource for questions like this. For example, look at the translations of think.


Thanks this is helpful. It took me a while but I figured "tycker om" was just an idiom - similar to how we may say "I'm into it" in English. There's a slightly different connotation with "I'm into it" in English, but I think that's as close of a comparison that I can think of.


How about "att fundera"? This seems to me to relate to a more elaborate thinking process, like "to ponder".


Yes, "fundera" is more elaborate. But it can be used in some places where you have "think".

  • I'll have to think about it. -- Jag får fundera på det.



This confuses me too. I'd like to know. I also read that "tycker om" means think about something, which confused me.


yeah, I read that comment as well. Left me confused. In my opinion, using the verb for having an opinion plus a preposition makes a lot more sense for "liking" something.


I understand that this is confusing. I got confused trying to make this reply and I'm a native speaker. "Tycker om" can be used to say "like" instead of "gillar". But also to ask about an opinion on something. I made some examples that might be useful to you. Or maybe make you more confused. :D

• Jag tycker om dig – I like you

• Tycker du om mig? – Do you like me?

• Vad tycker du om? – What do you like?

• Vad tycker du om mig? – What do you think about me? i.e. What is your opinion on me?


I think the problem in your case is that you confuse the expressions "tycka om" and "tycka + om". One is a fixed expression and the other is a verb plus a preposition. (Yes, "om" is a preposition in both cases but it's more idiomatic in the first one)

You have the same difference in verbs like "hälsa på" (saying hi vs. visit), "slå på" (turn on vs. to hit something).


Can gillar be used instead of tycker om in all cases? In music I RARELY hear tycker om, I only hear gillar.


I think so, yes. I haven't thought about it a lot though. The tone and meaning is slightly different, but similar enough that I can't find any examples that separate them ^^


In the case of liking something, yes. I can't come up with a sentence off the top of my head where it wouldn't work.

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