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  5. "De trodde mig inte."

"De trodde mig inte."

Translation:They did not believe me.

February 8, 2015



How would you say, "They did not think about me?" "De trodde inte på mig?"


*"De tänkte inte på mig"

"De trodde inte på mig" means "They didn't believe in me".


Tack. I think I must have used the hover feature which said that trodde could be thought or believed. Sometimes one should think twice before using a hover suggestion!


I don't understand why it isn't "De trodde inte mig"


If you separate it like that, you need to say "de trodde inte på mig".


Hmm, but the comments above suggest that that means something else.....

"De trodde inte på mig" means "They didn't believe in me".


Hm. I hope some co-contributor can comment on this and enlighten us then.


I'd say of course De trodde mig inte -> They did not believe me and De trodde inte på mig -> They did not believe in me are better translations, but the difference is small and we accept or should accept both ways on both sides.

You can actually start a sentence with De trodde inte mig …, but only if you mean They did not believe me (… but they did believe someone else). That one is not accepted here and I don't think it should be either, since that sentence doesn't really work on its own in Swedish – without a continuation it just doesn't sound right.


I have a question. When do I use 'inte' after the words like 'mig' and 'dig'? I saw some sentences that use 'inte' right after the verb but others use it after words like 'mig'. Could you help me?

P.s. English is my second language, so... I'm not good at English grammar... Sorry for saying "words like 'mig' and 'dig' "


@Minwoo83880: I wrote a longer post about word order here: https://www.duolingo.com/comment/8970470 – have a look under 1.2 which is about this.


Why is "They didn't trust me" not accepted?


'trust' is lita på in Swedish, so that would be De litade inte på mig.


They didn't believe me - not accepted?


That's an accepted answer, so if wasn't accepted for you there might have been some bug.


Why is didn't incorrect but did not isn't??

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