HEY! So first off, I am SUPER EXCITED because Norwegian is now the THIRD Scandinavian language to be in the Duolingo queue. From what I have studied before in the past, Norsk Bokmål is pretty much Danish spoken with a Swedish accent. It is an extremely beautiful language with a very singing style pitch-accent, and anyone who wants to learn it would LOVE this language when it comes out.

That being said, I'm also amazed at how quickly the North Germanic languages have risen to Duolingo. With the addition of Norsk Bokmål, the final languages that are needed would be Icelandic and Faroese. Although the number of native speakers are extremely limited for both of these languages, If and/or when these languages get put up on Duolingo, 320,000 Icelandic speakers, 47,000 Faroese speakers, they are either Nationally or Internationally recognized languages, and learning these two as well would put an enormous perspective on the development on the descendants of Old Norse.

Either way, a massive congratulations to the Norwegian Team. I am EXCEEDINGLY excited right now for the development of Norwegian here, and any individual who is willing to learn yet another beautiful language.

February 8, 2015


Yayyyy! :D so happy to be a part of this

Me too! You seem like you know some Italian. Can you answer one of my questions for me please? If you don't think you know enough, ask one of your friends to help me with my Italian. Here's the link to my question! Grazie mille!

And Finnish. Don't forget Finnish.

Nobody likes to forget Finnish, but it's not a Scandinavian language ;-) That's why it's not mentioned here.

Yeah, I learned the fact just a few days ago. Finnish, Estonian, and HUNGARIAN are the same language group. XD I was surprised cause Hungary is so far away from Finland and Estonia. I thought Estonian was a Baltic language at first.

I meant Scandinavian as a geographic term.

Oh yeah that makes sense! :D

While these three are part of the same language family, Hungarian is vastly different from Finnish and Estonian. It's pretty much comparing Russian to French in some aspects. Either way, I would love to have a Uralic language in Duolingo as well. Rising cultural awareness via finding means of learning the language is a wonderful way to explore the world.

Yeah... guess you're right. It'd also be nice to have Lithuanian or Latvian, the Baltic languages, on Duolingo. :)

I would 100% learn Faroese if they added it lol.
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Just being pedantic here, but technically Faroese and Icelandic are not Scandinavian. They are North Germanic, and also Nordic, but Norway/Sweden/Denmark make up Scandinavia. I've actually heard that in Iceland Norwegian/Swedish/Danish are sometimes referred to simply as one language called Scandinavian, though I can't guarantee the accuracy of that statement.

But that means we're even closer to having all of the Scandinavian courses on here.

Scandinavian languages doesn't really mean they're from Scandinavia, it's just another name for North Germanic.
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It's my understanding that, in modern linguistic circles, and especially within the countries directly "affected," Scandinavian is only used to refer to the "big three," as it were. Though, within the Northern Germanic/Nordic branch, there is the East/West Scandinavian split, as well as at one point a continental/insular Scandinavian split so... meh, like I said, I was being pedantic.

You appear to be right, sorry, I just tend to be more interested in genetic linguistics. It's one of my personal little hobbies. According to the wikipedia article, "The term "North Germanic languages" is used in genetic linguistics,[2] whereas the term "Scandinavian languages" appears in studies of the modern standard languages and the dialect continuum of Scandinavia.[3][4]" So you are mostly right, but it would make sense why I was confused.

Yes, you're right. They are North Germanic, just as English, Dutch, German, and Frisian are West Germanic languages. Good work though.

You nicely summed up how I felt recently ;) Duolingo is on fire!

And by the look of your language levels and daily streak record, you are too! Bravo! Here have a lingot ;)

I'm hoping for Icelandic as well! Norwegian is my mother tongue, and I'm so happy it's on its way, but Icelandic is one of my favourite languages. I learned quite a bit some years ago, and know enough to keep up a conversation, but I really have to practise more, and a Duolingo course would make that so much easier!

Same feelings here, I am so looking forward for the course! I really really hope that afterwards they will add an Icelandic one too (fingers crossed)

I feel the excitement! I am so excited for Norwegian!! Yay!! :D

I used to learn Norwegian some time ago. I had to take a break because I simply did not have enough time but I will surely go back to it when the course is released.

But I'd be the most excited for Icelandic. I don't know why but I just want to learn it so badly. I even found some courses on Memrise lately and now I'm just waiting for the right time to start them ;)

Norwegian! Wow! Duolingo's succeeding. A lot XD I hope they put the Slavic languages soon because I can't wait to learn Polish and Russian! They're also very beautiful languages!

Polish and Russian are both in the incubator. The teams have just taken a long time for some reason.

Thanks for the info ;D Polish is taking forever

I know, isn't it SO exciting? I'm also quite stoked for Vietnamese.

Vietnamese is really awesome! I can't wait to learn it either!

SO EXCITED! They have two East Slavic languages, Russian and Ukranian, and a Western Slavic language, Polish, as well. I cannot wait for the potential for even more Slavic languages, like Czech or Bulgarian.

Does anyone know when Slavic languages are available?

Russian is schedule to be ready in September. Polish you may have to wait a little longer (2021) unless they get some more contributors for the course to speed things up. You can always keep tabs on the upcoming courses here:

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