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  5. "Jag är trött på all reklam."

"Jag är trött all reklam."

Translation:I am tired of all the commercials.

February 8, 2015



why isn't it alla, again?


Reklam is a mass noun.


Vad betyder mass noun? Kan du ge flera exemplar? Tack


A mass noun is one that isn't countable.

For instance, liquids tend to be mass nouns - you usually say "a glass of milk, two glasses of milk..." rather than "one milk, two milks..."


Also, it's something where you can use a word like "some" without turning it into a plural: you can have "some milk" where you would have "some bricks" (rather than "some brick"). It's complicated a little by the fact that English commonly omits portion descriptions (you could say "some milks" and mean "some glasses of milk"), but in those cases the portion is implied but not actually verbalised.

But the general idea is that it's something you think about as a continuous entity rather than discrete units.


Why not "reklamen"? I don't see a "the" in there... but I'm missing one somehow?


After "all", "en", "en annan", "ingen", "någon", "var sin" and "vilken" you use the indefinite form of the noun.


So many rules to learn... so little time. Well, a lifetime- but that's how the saying goes ;) Thank you very much!


This is the same than "i am a lawyer", in Swedish you are not A lawyer, you are lawyer (jag är advokat), so you cannot be tired of THE lawyers, I guess it's that :P


I would not call it wrong to use reklamen, although it does sound a liiitle bit more off in my opinion. If we use reklamen, it feels like we need to add something more since we are being more specific.

  • Jag är trött på all den här reklamen - I am tired of all these commercials

In this sentence, we use reklam in a very general sense, we are not tired of any specific commercials, we are just tired of commercials in general.

There might be some kind of grammatical rule that explains this a lot better that I can so if anyone knows a more general rule, please comment!


Reklam can also mean advertising. It isn't exactly clear here which type of 'reklam' they're referring to.


Yes, that's an accepted answer.


Could this be better translated as "I am tired of all advertising?"


Two years later: yes, absolutely! :)


It doesn't accept "I am tired of all the ads" but will accept "I am tired of all the commercials". Is 'ads' too colloquial?


I would absolutely accept "ads" as well, so it's probably just an oversight.


What is wrong with: "I am tired of all advertisement" or "I am tired of all publicity"?

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