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How to turn off sound in exercises on Android Phone

I don't want to listen to German on my phone on the android duolingo app. I only want to read and type. I don't wan to disturb those around me.

August 10, 2013



I know this is an old thread but I really want to be able to turn the in app sound off so I'm bumping this thread.


Currently, you can't turn all sound off while using the Android app. You can, however, turn the sound effects off by using the main menu on the device and selecting 'settings.' It sounds (no pun intended :)) that what you're interested in though is to turn all the sound off. Hopefully, possible in the near future.


Yeah while on mobile it may not be possible to have sound on if you're in a crowded place.


I second that. Often I'm on the bus or in a public place and don't have my headphones with me. I can always turn off sound system-wide, but Duolingo will still give me listening exercises. I just enter something random but that effectively decreases the number of hearts per lesson from three to one.

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