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Typos allowed in target language but not native language?

I've been noticing while using the site that Duolingo is relatively forgiving in regard to my German typos however anytime that I've had a typo in English my answer has been marked as incorrect.

February 8, 2015



I'm doing the Spanish->English tree and agree that it's less forgiving of Spanish typos than the English->Spanish tree. I wonder whether typo forgiveness is part of the "my answer should have been included"? So sentences with native-language typos are less common than sentences with typos in the target language and thus there are fewer examples for the course creators to accept?


I always find that I make significantly more errors typing in English than Spanish or German, mostly because I go faster and don't bother to check myself because I generally assume I'm right. Native speaker privilege, I suppose.


I definitely don't bother to check my English spelling either!


I think what bothers me most about the forgiveness discrepancy is that by marking the native language typos as "wrong" answers, I end up proofing my English more often than my German.

When I took Chinese and Japanese in college, the teachers were forgiving of dumb mistakes one made in English but were quite strict in their grading of our Japanese and Chinese language use.

It is the target language that one needs to learn pinpoint accuracy in, so if any language should have a more stringent grading system, it's the target one.

(just my thoughts)

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