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"I walk in August but I run in July."

Translation:Siúlaim i mí Lúnasa ach rithim i mí Iúil.

February 8, 2015



I have been speaking irish all my life and you dont have to put in "mí" before every month


This is correct, but in vernacular irish it is commonplace to omit the mí (IME)


Why does duolingo insist that lúil contains a typo for me?


Because the name of months are proper nouns spelled with capitol letters, and the first letter in Iúil is an uppercase i, not a lower case L.


Why is the "mí" necessary?


The translation for e.g. English “in August” requires either i mí Lúnasa (“in the month of August”) or faoi Lúnasa (“within August”) in Irish. (I don’t know if this exercise would accept the latter answer.)


Thank you, but I'm actually asking why that would be; in other words, does "Siúlaim i Lúnasa ach rithim i Iúil" mean something different? Is it gibberish? Is this sentence simply a quirk of the Irish language, or is there a general rule which I'm forgetting that applies in this and, perhaps, other cases?


To my knowledge it would be an incomplete statement, akin to “I walk in of August but I run in of July” in English, but would probably be understood as an attempt to apply an English grammatical structure to Irish.


I used an uppercase for Lúil and it corrected me that it should be lowercase.


It corrected you that it should be an uppercase i.



Good old Julius C. surreptitiously getting his name into the Irish language here.

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