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Beginner tips?

Hola! Hi guys just wanting to know if you have some good tips and hints for learning español? What are some things to really practice? The hardest thing that you've tried to learn while learning this language? And some things to know before learning the language? Just anything basically that will help me. :) Muchas gracias!

3 years ago


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Practice every day with your DuoLingo lessons, and also supplementing with any extras you can find on the internet, like Spanish speaking lessons/videos. etc, to hear and see people speaking the language. Even practicing speaking it out loud to yourself at home if you do not have other spanish speakers around you. I say sentences out loud to myself every day...whatever you have learned, even if you are just getting a cup of coffee in your kitchen and saying the word "cup" or "I have a cup of coffee" that kind of thing. (Even just looking at things around your house and making sentences up about objects or what you are going to do when you leave the house, etc.) These types of things help me to try thinking in the language. Have fun above all and enjoy learning Spanish! If you are having fun and enjoying it, you will retain it and succeed at it. :D

3 years ago


i am also a beginner and if you use duolingo and just find song to do with the topic your doing it might help you(it helps me) :D

3 years ago