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  5. "I need your services."

"I need your services."

Translation:Teastaíonn do chuid seirbhísí uaim.

February 8, 2015



Why is it that you can use the sentence with or without 'chuid' in it? Thanks!


I suspect that usage without cuid is due to influence from English-language usage.

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What if I need every single service the other person offers? Would I still use “cuid”?


OK. Is there anything wrong with Teastaíonn bhur seirbhísí uaim. as a possible answer, or is this another unexpected alternate answer?


I'm confused. On Rosetta Stone they make it seem like "Teastaíonn... uaim" is another way of saying "I want..." But on here they're saying it's a way of saying "I need..."


From the FGB entry for ó:

(Want, need) Cad tá uait? What do you want? Níl do chomhluadar uainn, we don’t want your company. Ní raibh uaidh ach sin, that was all he needed.

From the FGB entry for teastaigh:

Be wanted, needed (ó, by). Teastaíonn cabhair uaim, I need assistance. An dteastaíonn uait labhairt leis? Do you want to speak to him? Teastaíonn foighne chun na hoibre sin, that work requires patience. Tá sé ag teastáil go mór uaim, I need it badly. Sin a bhfuil ag teastáil, that is all that is necessary.


Given how your examples seem to each include instances of both "want" and "need" as acceptable meanings, would it be fair to say that the concepts of "wanting" and "needing" are similar enough in Irish that the distinction between the two would be contextual and not linguistic? (I.e., the context is what differentiates between when a "want" is great enough to count as a "need.")


It would be fair to say that the concepts of "wanting" and "needing" are similar enough in English that the distinction between the two is often contextual rather than linguistic.

English speakers often say that they "need" sometime that they desire, and that they "want" something that they require.


Also, I tried "Tá do chuid seirbhísí de dhíth orm." which I think should be accepted.


I used the word bank (clickable words), and Duolingo says I had a typo is this:

"Teastaíonn do seirbhísí uaim." (missing the 'h' from "sheirbhísí)

but the words Duolingo provides did not include "sheirbhísí. Not sure how to report this.


The other words available included either chuid (do chuid seirbhisí - see above) or bhur (bhur seirbhisí).

There isn't anything to report.


Aaahhhhh. GRMA!!

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