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"He does not like to work in groups."

Translation:Han tycker inte om att arbeta i grupp.

February 8, 2015



Why is it not "grupper" here for "groups"?


Swedish just prefers it that way, saying "arbeta i grupp" meaning group in a very general sense rather than a certain group.

Compare it to "Switch buses" where English preferes the plural, but Swedish just says "Byta buss" in singular. It's just how the languages say it. :)


All right, but then it is not fair that there is "Hon tycker inte om att arbeta i grupper" among the three choices. It looks like purposely wanting to trick the learner into the wrong answer.


If it was really Hon tycker inte om att arbeta i grupper, it tricked you on hon vs han. Since Han tycker inte om att arbeta i grupper is an accepted answer (just not the "best" one) it should never be shown as a correct answer in a multiple choice question. Not that things like that haven't been known to happen anyway.

Personally I hate the multiple choice questions. We can't control what the wrong answers are, they're all randomly generated, so they often end up being either ludicrously easy or tricky in a way that isn't helpful.


Ops, i feel so stupid! I absolutely agree with you about multiple choices questions anyway.


That's exactly what I mean – how is it helpful for the machine to trick you on han vs hon on this level of the tree? It only makes you feel stupid, but a learning app should try to make students feel smart!

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