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  5. "Är det något fel?"

"Är det något fel?"

Translation:Is there anything wrong?

February 8, 2015



Why not say "Finns det något fel "? Tack.


I'd translate that back into English as Is there any error?


The question makes it look like "Is it something wrong?" - "Is there something wrong?" would be better...


I got the answer right, but I'm honestly not quite sure what's going on in this sentence.

  1. Does "Är något fel?" work too? Does it mean something different?

  2. Anrui said that fel can seem awkward as an adjective, but in this sentence it is an adjective, right?

  3. What is this sentence when it isn't a question? Det är något fel or Det något är fel?

  4. Starting to get the impression that det är means "there is" (must have glazed over a previous unit?). If so, what's the difference between det är and det finns?

  1. Yes, this is correct and it would mean Is anything wrong. But we like this kind of structure in Swedish, so adding "det" makes the sentence a bit more complete.

  2. Yes it is. What I meant above is that it may seem awkward at times, but it isn't in this case.

  3. It would be Det är något fel

  4. There is no perfect correlation between the two. "Det är" usually means It is, but it may sometimes be better translated as there is. But as a rule of thumb I would suggest
    Det finns - There is
    Det är - It is


Ah, this clears up all my doubts. Super helpful. Jag ger dig en lingot. Tack~


You suggest to translate "Det är" with "It is", but for this sentence, the translation "Is it something wrong?" is not accepted.


Well, like I said, there is no perfect correlation. "is it something wrong" does not sound like good English.


If does not sound good why insist putting "det" where does not have a real necessity ?


Because incuding the word "det" is the correct/idiomatic way of saying it in Swedish, and NOT including word "it" is the correct/idiomatic way of saying it in English.

At the end of the day, the goal of this course is not to translate each sentence word for word, but to learn how to sound natural in Swedish. :)


Is it a definite article because of something in particular? or is this just idiomatic? thanks


It isn't a definite article, it's the pronoun det which is used as a placeholder, a bit like it in It is raining. We tend to do this a lot in Swedish with det.


is there something wrong .... it was marked wrong .. why ?


How would one say "Is it something bad ?" ?


Är det något dåligt?


my translation was: is there any mistake? i do not understand why it is wrong


"mistake" translates to "misstag" in Swedish. Saying that something is wrong is not the same as saying that something is a mistake.


Is aught amiss?


The "det" here almost sounds like "vi." Is that how it's supposed to?


Really? I don't hear anything like that.


Could be my speakers! I'll see if it sounds the same on my computer at home!


I expected "något" to correspond with neuter adjectives - e.g. "något vackert", "något felt" etc. Why is this something considered utrum, and not neutrum?


Well, some adjectives do not change and "fel" is one of them. i.e. the word "felt" does not exist.

Other examples are "kul" and "bra"

The word "fel" is usually used as a noun, but it sounds rather awkward as an adjective at times. For example, I would never translate "a wrong answer" to "ett fel svar". Then I would prefer to use the adjective "felaktig(t)" - "Ett felaktigt svar".


Oh, that explains a lot. Tack så mycket!


I think that if "is there some mistake" is accepted, then "is there any mistake" should be accepted too.


Mistake should not be accepted at all. There was a mistake in the incubator ;)


Whatever you mean, I don't get it.


I mean that "mistake" isn't an acceptable translation for "fel". It had been added by mistake as an accepted solution. "Mistake" has now been completely removed.


Is that somethi g wrong? Is it something wrong?

How do we translate those plz


Can you replace något with någonting? Or is något just a shortened version of någonting?


How do you know when det is there and är is is not are or am


This is unkind to dyslexics. I put "Is their something wrong?" and of course it is grammatically wrong in English, but it shouldn't be an option, since no one is testing my ability to produce my own tongue... just whether I have caught the meaning. It should be regarded as a typo.

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