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  5. "Is maith liom an scéal."

"Is maith liom an scéal."

Translation:I like the story.

February 8, 2015



Why doesn't the slower audio ever work on this Irish course? Also, why can't every answer be spoken, even if it is after you've submitted your answer? Repetition is essential.


Duolingo uses 3rd party commercial Text-To-Speech software to read out the exercises for most of its courses, but some languages don't have suitable TTS software available, and for those languages, Duolingo has hired a voice actor to read a large subset of the exercises. These recordings are expensive and complicated to manage, and require additional software support from Duolingo, which doesn't include an option to slow them down.


Sounds like she's saying "iss" not "ish" on the first word. Is that correct?


At this point I can´t even tell what they are saying.


yes, that is the correct pronunciation


It's like the one exception to the "slender S is SH" rule.


It's hardly the only exception - even here on Duolingo you'll come across seisiún and taispeántas.


Why is this sentence in the present simple lessons?

[deactivated user]

    Is the fact that "I like this story" is in the simple present tense not reason enough?

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