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  5. "Hjørnet"


Translation:The corner

February 8, 2015



Sounds just like "Bjørnerne" to me


You should be able to hear the b in Bjørne, and you should not hear a B in Hjørnet, but perhaps a "pronounced h" (the difference between eat and heat).


When I played it for my Danish boyfriend, he laughed and said it's really mispronounced. The ending was butchered. Listen to it on Google Translate to get the proper way to say it.


Can this mean 'corner' as in the corner of a box or the dark corner of the closet, or does it just mean street corner (like in the picture)?


'Hjørnet' means the corner of a box or closet as you said. Street corner would be 'gadehjørnet'


So I learned the word "kant" when I was living in Denmark, and at least the midjyllandese of my native Dane friend taught me that it meant corner. He seemed to use it universally, though the subject itself didn't come up much.

What's the difference? I'd love to clear up my confusion!


It seems like 'en kant' is referring to an edge while 'et hjørne' is an actual corner.


The 'H' following j is silent?


Like in the question words (hvad, hvem, and so on), the H softens and aspirates the following consonant a bit. It's not really pronounced, but itsn't like is has absolutely no influence on the pronounciation.


That makes sense. The Danish 'h' has no infuence on the pronunciation just like french or spanish 'h' sound. Is that right?


If it's in front of a consonant, like here, it has very little influence. In front of vowels it's clearly pronounced.


is it used in math? im a math teacher important to know


Deer on the right corner, with evil ducks inside.


I remember this one by Little Jack Horner sat in the corner.

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