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"Min mand vil lave morgenmad sengen i morgen."

Translation:My husband will make breakfast in bed tomorrow.

February 8, 2015



That will make a big mess...


The addition of "for me" would make the sentence more understandable. Otherwise it does sound like he is bringing the stove to bed. And, it does say "sengen - the bed".


Agreed. In SAE I can say "they made me breakfast in bed" but saying "they made breakfast in bed" souds silly. Same goes with he made breakfast in bed. "He made breakfast in bed for her" sounds normal. "He made breakfast in bed" sounds like a lunatic with a bunch of pans and a camping stove in their bed.

And even if it's for yourself (which is a bit odd) you'd say "She made herself breakfast in bed" or "she made breakfast in bed for herself." The "for someone" should be implied but for some reason, without it, the person has pans in their bed. At least that's the way it is here.


For us? I think that's understood. For me... would be-min mand laver mig mad på sengen... or:. ..til mig.


'Wants to' was not accepted. I think straight future would be expressed with present tense—min mand laver..., so that 'vil' is more its other mean.


Yeah, "breakfast in bed" is simply one multi word noun. It does not describe where he will be making it.

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Oh, ok. I was picturing a stove in the bedroom.


Maybe the bed is in the kitchen ...


You need another modifier: who is it being made for? Otherwise it's really not great English. (P.S. It's a collocation, not a "multi word noun".)


But i don't think 'make' would be used in this situation in English. Have, eat... would be better.


"Eating breakfast in bed" would make more sense... I've never made pancakes in bed...


Is this an idiom in Danish, or does this have the literal meaning of putting smørre on the brød on top of the bed?


No matter how much you talk about it, it will never be corrected. The Danish moderators seem to have left us a long time ago.


Is this what happens next after the sentence I have learnt 'du drikker mandens mælk' ?


That sounds like "Get out of trouble"

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