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"Den gamle dame har ondt i ryggen."

Translation:The old lady has a pain in her back.

February 8, 2015



Why not 'That' old lady has a pain in her back?


In that case, I think we'd want to use "denne." But...thoughts, other learners?


That would be 'this'. I still haven't worked out how to say 'that' when there is an adjective before the noun.

[deactivated user]

    You have two options:

    • "Den der gamle dame"

    • "Den gamle dame" ("Den" is stressed. This is often rendered in writing as "Dén", although I don't know if that is officially correct.)


    Is there a difference between smerte and ondt


    I thought (think) that

    ondt means ache (ondt i mave - tummy ache) smerte used for a smaller or temporary pain (pine is more severe)

    but based on the answers, only smerte is acceptable (keep it simple and let the language grow I'd say)


    but 'ondt' is shown as the correct answer.


    Why do the "her", "my", "their" and "his" drop in these cases? Does it always apply?

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