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Italian words for "town"

I have gathered that 'il paese" can mean "town" as well as "country", but does that mean that 'la città' is no longer used, as Duolingo seems to think? I have now been told that the latter is wrong on a number of occasions, although it is definitely the word I was taught and the first entry under "town" in my dictionary.

Most recently this is not even in the context of a sentence but in one of the 'give the Italian word for' questions: "la città" was marked wrong.

** and now I am really confused: since I wrote the above I got "È una città su una collina" for which "it is a town on a hill" was an acceptable answer?

August 10, 2013



Yes, a town is technically a city, but a town has much fewer inhabitants: you would never refer to Rome, Milan or Naples as towns because of the quantity of people living there.


la città = the city, the town so your answer/s are acceptable. If duolingo marks it as a mistake just report it.

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