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Spanish "ti"

Can someone explain the use of "ti" in Spanish? I have tried reading explanations on various sites but this has just confused me further! The more examples you can use the better please!

February 8, 2015



“Ti” es un pronombre personal de segunda persona del singular y siempre va precedido de una preposición: Esto es para ti, Vine porti, Lo recibió de ti… Nunca va con tilde.

“Tú”, escrito con tilde, es un pronombre personal de segunda persona: Tú eres su mejor amiga, Tú traerás el postre, Tú lo viste, ¿Lo viste tú?… Se usa cuando el pronombre funciona como sujeto de la oración, por eso nunca se utilizará en casos como Esto es para tú (lo correcto es Esto es para ti), Te vi a tú (lo correcto es Te vi a ti).

Excuse me but I don't know how to write this in English.


His comment in English; to my best understanding that is.

"Ti" is a personal pronoun for second person singular and is always going to precede a preposition: Esto es para ti (This is for you), Vine por ti (I came [here] for you), recibio de ti (he/she received it from you)... It's never accented/it's never going to have an accent [mark].

"Tú", written with an accent, is a personal pronoun for second person: Tú eres su mejor amiga (You are his/her best friend) , Tú traerás el postre (You will bring the dessert), Tú lo viste (you saw it), ¿Lo viste tú? (You saw it?)… It's used when the personal pronoun functions like a subject in the sentence. For that [reason] it's never used with things like "Esto es para tú (The correct form is "Esto es para ti), "Te vi a tú (The correct form is Te vi a ti).

Thanks for your comment Ranaamrilla, your comment was very helpful to me.


Thank you to all the people who have commented, its been super helpful and I completely get it now. Knew I could count on the wonderful Duo community!


for me - para mi for you - para ti


El libro es tuyo. = The book is from you.
La corbata es para ti. = The tie is for you.
If you is the object of a proposition use ti.


Sorry but "El libro es de ti" is not right. You'd say "El libro es TUYO" :)


Thank you for the correction.
Here's a lingot.


Gracias por la ayuda =)


For (preposition) me (preposition pronoun). = para mí

"For I (pronoun)" is wrong. = "para yo" is wrong

Same logic applies to "ti"(preposition pronoun) and "tú" (pronoun). So if you are referring to a "tú" after a prepostion you use "ti".

Just like in English sometimes the preposition pronoun is the same word as the pronoun. "You" forexample. I think in Spanish "usted, ustedes, ellos, ellas, ella, él" are all the same too.


I found that this gave me a good basic understanding of it.I hope it helped. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=l29XtaZSSyY

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