"Han studerar kemi vid universitetet."

Translation:He is studying chemistry at the university.

February 8, 2015

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[deactivated user]

    Why is vid used here, and not på or i?


    I wish I knew :). "På" works as well. If you are talking about a special institution of the uni, you will probably always use "på":
    Han studerar på institutionen för kemi och kemiteknik.


    "He is studying chemistry at university" was marked as incorrect. So would the correct translation more so refer to a specific university. Eg; "Han studerar kemi vid stockholms universitetet"?


    No, it should have been accepted, I've added it. You can't use an indeterminate form without an article here in Swedish.


    Would you also use "kemi" to describe chemistry between two people?


    Why is "He studies chemistry in the university" not a valid English translation here? It has to be "at" for this sentence?

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