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"La donna ha i vostri bicchieri."

Translation:The woman has your glasses.

August 10, 2013



Not to be confused with "La donna ha i vostri occhiali".


I wrote The woman has their glasses But the right way would be The woman has your glasses why? La donna ha i vostri biciere Vostri would meen yours but I thought it would meen theirs


"The woman has y'all's cups." is incorrect. :(


Glasses refers to drinking glasses, not the ones with frames and lenses that help correct your vision, right?


I wondered the same :) thanks


So since this is "I vostri bicchieri", then I am talking to a group of people about several glasses. If it were "I tuoi bicchieri", I am talking to one person about several glasses. Right? (Please say yes!). Sammy716 thinks so too.


Mostly yes. Technically it's not necessarily as much about how many people you're talking to as to how many people the glasses belong. For example, if you talk to Luigi about glasses that belong to Luigi and Marta, then "voi" refers to Luigi and Marta even though Marta is not present, and "I vostri bicchieri" refers to both their glasses even though you're only talking to one of them.


Thats not correct in standard italian. It may be correct in some diologs but in standard the voi is directional to how many people to which you refer


Im so confused whats the diffrencr between, vostri, tuo, tue, sue, etc. Ugggg


Vostri is plural formal your, tuo is single informal your, tue is plural informal your, sue is plural his/her


When is plural (bicchieri), I must use the article "i" and in the singular (bicchiere) I must use the article "il". Is that right?


I find the difference in pronunciation near impossible to pick up on. Bicchieri vs Bicchiere. The difference is so subtle, I get questions like these wrong every time.


In some cases, you can figure it out from the context. For example, remember "bicchiere" is singular, and "bicchieri" is plural, and this often changes other words. "i vostri bicchiere" would be incorrect because it is the (masculine) plural for "i" and "vostri" but the singular for "bicchiere"--you'd have to use "il vostro bicchiere."


Shit, i wrote "glass" instead of "glasses"


Frustrating when it marks you wrong, but clearly matches every letter. I keep reading it over and over to see if maybe I'm wrong.


OmG i put an e instead of an i at the end of bicchieri an the whole thing is wrong?!? Booo!


Bicchiere = Singular (glass) / Bicchieri = Plural (glasses)


Ir says I am wrong but I am not


I thought la tua/ il tho is your?


How are vostri and tue different?


I entered translation, the woman has your glasses. Answer the woman has your glasses saI was incorrect?

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