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Suggestion: Adding words to Vocab

I have an idea. Add a word to the Vocab Section and later practice. For example. I want to learn some flowers in Spanish: daisy (margarita), snowdrop (campanilla de febrero) etc. I add this words and I can practice it by duolingo algorithms. It would be very useful for me. I'm stuck on difficult, grammar lessons, and I would like to extend vocabulary anyway.

November 26, 2012



Yes, this is a good idea and we plan to do this next year.


I'd also be interested in an update if possible.


Well, it seems you gave this answer about a year ago. So what happened to it?


I believe it means they will do it this year. We are just in week 3 out of 53.


This was approximately a year ago. Has any progress been made on this?


Totally agree! There is a question how to implement it. Would these be personal lists of words or rather these new words would go straight into whole duolingo. Sorry for my English, I might make some mistakes :)


The problem with user supplied dictionaries is that they are often very inaccurate. Please don't let any user supplied dictionaries into the stream without thorough review (via crowd sourcing if necessary). Plant names, for example, have many different common names for the same plant and many regional differences. So it has its own problems. That being said, I would benefit from specific vocabulary for directing Spanish speaking household help (housekeeping and gardening).


I'd love this feature as well.

After 3 months learning spanish on duolingo I'm now in Spain on a 4 week holiday and (slowly) picking up new words through everyday use. It'd be great to add some of them to duolingo to help them stick.


@ErnestoEnrique - it would be best to only allow users to add words that duolingo has in its database. Presumably duolingo would need to know what sort of word it is (noun, verb, etc) to be able to mix it into sentences.


Right. I had a bad flashback to trying to use user supplied dictionaries with Mnemosyne and other websites a wouldn't want all that junk here at Duolingo - the best website ever! :)


or maybe the words users add must have to be approved by Duolingo before they're added to the database...


I would also be very interested in this function, as I would like to learn a specific vocabulary in Spanish. Could it be possible to provide an update on whether or not this feature will become available?


Yes! This would be really awesome!


Yeah, that would be really, really great.


This is a very very good idea. What's the status of it? I would like to add words to my dictionary manually. Not my own words with my own translation (sure this needs review). But words that exist in duolingo general dictionaries. Like I already took lessons which included such words.

E.g. I'd like to learn numbers. But according to the plan they'll be reachable in a month after course started. I want to add such words to my "Words" manually to practice them.


I posted this idea 2 years ago... And nothing.


Just started using Duolingo recently and like it! But looks like I'll have to go to another app for this specific feature. Too bad!


Any updates on this?


I totally agree. I think that you shuld be abel to add words from duolingos databas and get senteces, but I also wish to put in my own words like flashcards. These flashcards should not have anyting to do with duolingo database.


It would also be nice to have a web page vocabulary tool; for those of us learning German because we're traveling or encountering German web-pages, this would be really useful to more closely tie lessons to our everyday tasks!


I would like it if I could just manually add words to my vocabulary list. Often I will learn a word from Translating and want to remember it. If I could add it to my duolingo vocabulary list it would be awesome. That way i would be able to keep all my learned words in one place.


I'm very much looking forward to this feature. Agree that there should be some approval process before our words go into the general database. But even being able to add my own words for personal flashcard practice would be great!

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