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Mic questions: once record button clicked, only, "I can't hear you very well" with spinning wheel.


When I am confronted with questions that require me to answer using my microphone, I can no longer answer them. About 6 months ago all mic-related questions began "freezing" whenever I attempted to provide an answer by clicking the record button, I immediate hear a "dink-dink" indicating the recording was unclear, and where there was once a blue microphone icon for recording, now there is a grey spinning wheel indicating that duolingo is loading. When I attempt to speak into my microphone while the wheel is spinning, there is no indication in duolingo that a recording is made. I have waited for hours for the grey spinning loading icon to change back and it never has.

So far I have turned off the microphone feature and done lessons without speaking, but I miss speaking, and I feel that I study with duolingo less when I do not use a microphone.

I have already read up on many troubleshooting forums regarding this issue, but so far none have fixed my microphone issue. I have an old macbook (from 2006) with a snow leopard operating system that has not given me any trouble. My microphone works fine in Skype, and only seems to have an issue during my practice with duolingo.

If you could (a) help me trouble shoot my microphone problem, and/or (b) let me know if this is an issue that many users have because of a technical issue with duolingo, I would be very appreciative! This program is a great service to society, and I would like to continue using it to the best of my ability. Please let me know if you can be of help.



February 8, 2015



Hi! I've had this problem before, using my mac. I've also had to turn off the mic altogether, as it stopped me from finishing lessons - it would just load forever. So I can relate.. But, now it's working again! I think adobe flash player or something was outdated, so I'd suggest you check for any updates to software you're using. Look for updates to Safari etc while your at it. Is internet slow in general? Then it might be the quality of your connection. Hope this can help as a starter, and that some tech-savy people will answer your question as well! :)


Thanks for the reply! Fortunately, moments after posting this, I went through all of my old troubleshooting strategies. Luckily for me, Firefox updated it's browser in 2015 to allow me to use the mic in duolingo. I've been practicing all afternoon with a mic for the first time in more than six months! Happy days! :)


That's great!! Enjoy it :)


I have turned the mic off the very second I had the chance to. And the reason for that is I know how voice-recognition algorithms work. They are not yet able to recognize 100% (not even close), hence, won't catch many of your pronunciation mistakes on the one hand, while on the other will gladly accept many wrongly pronounced words. If I were you - I would not rely on that. Try to mimic Duolingo's audio instead (it is not perfect, but much better than voice recognition), and find native speakers, if that is possible.


Thank you for the suggestion!

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