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"Han bor i en mysig liten stad."

Translation:He lives in a cozy little town.

February 8, 2015



Is there an adjective order in Swedish? Because there is in English, but it's kind of an "unwritten rule".


I would like to know this, too.


does mysig have the same connotation or significance for Swedes that hygge has for Danes?


I’m not Danish, but I’d say it’s similar.


In British English, we wouldn't really say this (although it kind of makes sense, and the Swedish sentence is fine!)- I think 'quaint', 'sleepy', or 'idyllic' (or even 'tight-knit') are the adjectives normally used to describe that kind of settlement. It's interesting how the idioms compare.


Why can't we change the place of...little...and...cozy...and what will be the difference in the meaning if we do that and of course idid not notice any betoning on eighter one


In English (I'm almost a native speaker of American English), there is a natural order of adjectives where Quality ("cozy") precedes Size ("little").

The order is Quantity > Quality > Size > Age > Shape > Color > Origin > Material > Purpose


Oh my goodness! Someone put some serious time in to come up with this hierarchy! Did you figure this out yourself?
I am a native speaker myself, and I could have come up with maybe 3 of these in their proper order. This looks accurate.


Oh no, I ran into this as an adult, never having been taught this in school. Somehow, we just intuit the order, don't we, without ever needing formal instruction?


OK, lol, I was impressed! This was a great thing to share, though. :D


Could mysig also be translated as quaint?


I would venture the guess that Swedish "mysig" is related to German "gemütlich," which can be translated as "quaint" in contexts like the one here.


Im still having trouble hearing the flow of the language. It sounds like Mysigli- Ten - Stad. How can i get used to emphasis of syllables when it sounds like words run together?


A cosy village does not exist in English; neithervdoes a cosy restaurant. Thanks to TripAdvisor everything is cosy now!

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