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  5. "De kör runt i staden."

"De kör runt i staden."

Translation:They are driving around town.

February 8, 2015



Why does the pronunciation of kör changes if I listen to the single word or the full phrase? Alone is "kor", in the phrase is "shor". Which is the correct pronunciation?


The one with the sh-sound. Sometimes the TTS mixes up words depending on whether they're ina sentence or standalone. Kör with a hard K means "choir".


Why they are driving around the city is not right.


How would I say this in the physical sense, as if they are avoiding the city on a road trip? Does it stay the same and the context will need to clarify it?


De kör förbi staden = They drive past the city/town.


Perfect, thank you!


Why cant this just be runt staden?


Then they would round it on the outside, avoiding it.


Why they are driving around the city is wrong? Thanks i advance


I refer to previous comments regarding round and around. Round is still being marked as wrong.


"they are driving around town" is ambiguous in English It could mean they are avoiding the city or that they are driving about in the town. That's why I think "they are driving round town" is a clearer translation of the swedish


I don't think so. You'd have to say They are driving around the/a town, otherwise it doesn't really sound natural. They are driving round town is correct in British English, but I'm not sure about US English, the English of Duolingo.


Since you admit that my answer is correct british english then you should accept it as well as around town. Other DL courses accept both US and British variants so be a bit flexible. As I have said in other posts I am doing this course to improve my Swedish not to learn US English


Of course it should be accepted as an alternative answer but it shouldn't be the best translation because it's incorrect in US English, which happens to be the most widely spoken form of English.


At present it is being marked wrong. All I would like is that DL accepts it as a valid translation.


That's fair enough, I do too. I believe I've reported it a couple of times in the past.


“Around town” is not ambiguous in US English, or at least page after page of Google hits most being US all define it contextually as IN town. I’ve never heard it used for around a town/city either. It must be a minor usage/meaning.

“Round town” is definitely a common usage however.

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