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Disconnect between app and website

Hello, I just thought I'd share that I'd set goals on my iPad and have been using that primarily for my lessons, but I switched to my laptop recently because of the added depth to the lessons with explanations and the chance for discussion. My goals and streaks don't seem to be shared between the two devices.

February 9, 2015



You might want to move this to the Troubleshooting section. You can do that by editing your post and changing the "topic".


You know, I've seen some posts recently to that effect, so I wonder whether that's an actual bug and not just an error on your account. (I don't have the disconnect on my iPhone and browser, so it's not totally global.)

First, make sure that you're logged in using the same account--sometimes people accidentally set up a second account, eg with the same email but a slightly different user name. Or they log in via Facebook for one, but not the other.

Then clear your cookies on your browser and relaunch. Sometimes cookies mess everything up. Then try logging out of both devices and logging back in using the exact same info--this both helps to verify that you're using the same account, but also forces the devices to refresh all info from the server.

Also try the method on the first comment on this thread to verify that the streak and XP matches what you're expecting from your iPad.


Thank you so much!!! You solved my problem.


Great! Which one was it, for future reference?


I lost the link between my account on computer and on Android device. It was because I changed my user name. All I had to do was clear the browser history and cookies on Chrome, and log into my Android account with the new user name. Thanks again.


I'm still experiencing the disconnect, and I think it's an error in the program. Things like my lingots and lesson progress transfer, but not streaks or goals.

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