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Anyone else getting these?

February 9, 2015



Yes, I'm getting this a lot.


p.s. Why, when I try to make an edit to my post does it erase EVERYTHING?


Yep, i've sometimes that problem too, and it's really annoying. It's often when you are at the end of your exercise, but there is no solution, you can't finish it because the challenge bar do not progress anymore, even if you answers are good (which can be difficult, because you can't also hear the sentences), so you have to redo it, from the beginning...

I have this glitch only since they changed the challenge bar's picture/animation, so i guess it comes from that.

[deactivated user]

    Yep; just noticed it for the first time today.


    I happened a couple of times yesterday.


    Yes and on two strengthening exercises today. Though the problem has been on and off for about two weeks or more now. It's really beginning to get really frustrating as I don't think I have time to make up for the problem and reach my goal today. However since duolingo has helped me a lot I'm not ready to give up on in yet. However it's becoming harder to stay positive since I reported the problem at least twice now.


    This has mostly happened on Mobile for me. It also sometimes marks correct answers as wrong when I go to the home and then back into the app. It just says "Oops! That's not correct" and gives no reason.


    I am guessing that this is related to a series of other similar reports. Earlier today a member of staff said here that they have fixed the issue.


    yes. It has been doing that all week. Plus saying correct while marking it wrong or not giving me the right answer. Didn't used to do this. So I figure it will be fixed.

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