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Paid lingots, but no quiz results?

I took the quiz, but on the last page, it said Duolingo was having problems and I'd have to take it over. Rats! But where IS it?

February 9, 2015



Something sort of like this happened to me once. If the results aren't showing up on the Quiz History page then I guess it is probably lost, but I suppose it wouldn't hurt to email Duolingo about the situation on the support tab to the left of the screen (though I admit I've never received a response from them).


The Irish quiz has had a lot of problems, I think it's best to email Duolingo with the support tab like Mjau said. And it's probably best to not waste lingots on the Irish quiz at the moment, seeing as it's had so many problems.


I've seen them respond to issues on Twitter. @Duolingo might be a better option.

Also, Redgypsy: I don't suppose the quiz is visible on the Store, as if you purchased but never took it?

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