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Swedish resource recommendations?

What are your favorite Swedish resources? Books, dictionaries, tv shows, music, youtube channels, etc.? Thank you!

February 9, 2015



Tyda.se is my preferred online dictionary. They even have an app, which I find very helpful. And I'll second the love of Klartext.


Björn Engdahl's website and IE Languages were the very first things I read when I started learning Swedish and helped me greatly in understanding Swedish grammar.

Björn Engahl's Swedish Course: www.onlineswedish.com

IElanguages: www.ielanguages.com/swedish.html


This website is pretty good for getting pronunciation right, which Duolingo pretty much skips. http://sfi.halmstad.se/safir/startsida.htm

[deactivated user]

    I like reading/listening to Klartext, 8sidor and svt.se. There is also a Swedish singer called Alina Devecerski, whose songs I love listening to. Oh and finally, I have the Berlitz Swedish phrasebook/dictionary +CD which has proven itself to be very useful.


    I like 8sidor (website and Facebook page) which is a relatively easy to understand site with daily news, especially meant for people learning Swedish. You can both read the articles and listen to them being read out. There are quite some interesting Swedish series and movies out there as well (Wallander, Millennium trilogy, movies by Lukas Moodyson like Tillsammans). The Swedish language method Rivstart (övningsbok + textbok and CD), available for A1+A2 and B1+B2, is pretty good as well I think. I used it for a course I did in the Netherlands, and found that it's used here in Sweden as well. Lycka till :)


    i love the Swedish Routledge Comprehensive Grammar, you can get it online I think

    [deactivated user]

      Agree! I have both the Swedish: An Essential Grammar and Swedish: A Comprehensive Grammar. Both of these books are by Philip Holmes and Ian Hinchliffe and are available online in hardcopy or ebook format. Beware, the Comprehensive Grammar is pricey.

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