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Suggestion: Have the option to disable questions with sound

There are people, like me, who are deaf, so the questions with audio are impossible for me to answer and worthless for me since I don't need to learn how the sounds are like. So, I would suggest implementing an option to disable questions with audio in the Settings, so I can progress with the learning without guessing on the audio parts - I can't even get past the second Basic lesson, even though I already know conversational Spanish. This website is awesome, hope deaf people can be able to reap its benefits.

November 26, 2012



I believe you could disable them at the settings page? http://d.pr/i/kbyF


@Yaraher You can't disable them, that just turns of autoplay.

I would like this option, especially for the mobile app. Most of the time when you're using a phone, you're either in loud, noisy public places, where the audio is impossible to hear, or in quiet rooms where you can hear it, but everyone around you can too.


I also want to avoid questions with sound, but if I skip them I fail each lesson. I tried disabling them as Yaraher suggested but it did not work.


And the larger picture is having a site that supports inclusion.


I seem to be able to disable audio in my settings: http://duolingo.com/#/settings/account

Speaker [on] [off]

I currently have it disabled and don't encounter any audio phrases.


I tried it three days ago, in order to try to help the topic starter, but I still got audio phrases.


That's very strange. @martinfoxdale @jcbos it might be helpful to Duolingo staff if you guys posted a screenshot of the audio questions you're seeing?


There would be nothing to see on such a screenshot I think? The audio questions I heard were those questions were the computers says a sentence and you have to type it down.


I want to disable sound. There is currently no way to that works. I have tried everything. It is verynfrustrating. I won't use the app until this is fixed. Duolingo constantly disrupts my music.

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