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"Til fastelavn har alle børn sjovt tøj på."

Translation:For Shrovetide every child has got funny clothing on.

February 9, 2015



not For Shrovetide all the children are wearing funny clothes ?


"On" is also marked wrong. Is anyone from Duolingo looking at the errors anymore? I have reported on this question a few times and it still maks it wrong, as is the case with a few other questions. Months go by with no corrections.


Yeah. For whatever reason this particular awkward translation irritated me more than some of the others.


Absolutely, really clumsy, better English would be "all the children are wearing fun clothes for Shrove Tuesday." Funny to be expressed in danish would be better as underligt in the sense of strange or weird. Sjovt is definitely more fun than peculiar.


That would be a more natural way to say it. :-)


OK, what's behind this Danish tradition?


This is not only a Danish tradition but also a German one (and probably other European countries). In some parts of Germany children (and adults, too) disguise (for example as angel, pirate, clown and so on) and celebrate carnival like this.


thanks for the info!


Word by word translation, you never speak like thisin English


Very awkward translation.


Is Shrovetide the same as Mardi Gras? It sounds like it, but wasn't accepted.


(I'm a native Dane) Etymologically both words relates to the beginning of the "Lenten" season. Without knowing much about "Mardi Gras" there are not many similarities in the associated celebrations though


"In Lent all children are wearing funny clothes" should have been accepted. The DL version is clumsy and not everyday English but I suppose you have to allow for/and accept that we're dealing with a computer here and not a sensible human being ☹️


All sentences are written by real people. Including the sentences and translations that may or may not be clumsy. But I don't think that "lent" should be accepted as an alternative to "shrovetide" since fastelavn/shrovetide is one day at the end of Lent and not the whole Lent 6 week period.

In the future, please use the report button and report possible alternatives via "my answer should be accepted". Then the contributors can decide whether the answer is acceptable or not. The sentence discussions are not the right place to report on anything.

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