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Greek Lesson 8

Hello everyone! This is the eighth lesson of my series of Greek lessons. Here you'll learn the plural of the nouns in Greek. Remember that I don't write how words are pronounced, because you' ve already learnt it in the first lesson. To understand the grammar of the lesson you must know the Greek articles.

Plural of nouns in Greek

As you already know, there are three genders in Greek. The plural of a noun depends on its gender and its ending. To make learning easier, I'll try to group the nouns in groups depending on their gender and ending, and then I'll write the ending that they take to form the plural form of the nominative case. So, let's start! :D

  • Male nouns ending in -ης become -ες in plural --> ο ποιητής = the (male) poet becomes οι ποιητές= the (male) poets

--> ο επιβάτης = the (male) passenger becomes οι επιβάτες = the (male) passengers

--> ο μαθητής = the (male) student becomes οι μαθητές = the (male) students

  • Male nouns ending in -ος become -οι in plural --> ο βάτραχος= the frog becomes οι βάτραχοι = the frogs

--> ο χρόνος = the time, the year becomes οι χρόνοι = the times/the years

--> ο δρόμος= the road, the street becomes οι δρόμοι = the roads/the streets

  • Feminin nouns ending in -α become -ες in plural --> η γάτα = the (female) cat becomes οι γάτες = the (female) cats

--> η εικόνα = the picture becomes οι εικόνες = the pictures

--> η καρδιά = the heart becomes οι καρδιές = the hearts

  • Neuter nouns ending in -ο become -α in plural --> το αεροπλάνο = the plane becomes τα αεροπλάνα = the planes

--> το ζώο = the animal becomes τα ζώα = the animals

--> το χρυσόψαρο = the goldfish becomes τα χρυσόψαρα = the goldfish

  • Neuter nouns ending in -ι become -ια in plural --> το σπίτι = the house, the home becomes τα σπίτια = the houses/the homes

--> το νησί = the island becomes τα νησιά = the islands

--> το καλοκαίρι = the summer becomes τα καλοκαίρια = the summers

Χαιρετίσματα από τη Θεσσαλονίκη, Παναγιώτης :)

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February 9, 2015



We want Greek! :(


Παναγιώτη, great job, you rock -and should definitely apply to become a contributor for Greek if you haven't already :D

[deactivated user]

    I believe he has. I hope Greek becomes a new course soon. As in tomorrow. As in this very minute.


    I've already applied, not only for the Greek from English course, but for the Greek from French and the French from Greek courses too!!! But I'm not optimistic for the answer of duolingo. I haven't still received any reply and yesterday, Yiddish was added in the incubator. I don't think that Yiddish had the same popularity here on duo as languages like Greek or Hebrew. And there wasn't an English course for Yiddish speakers... I can't understand why they added Yiddish and not Greek or Hebrew or another language with a large popularity. :)


    Panagioti an idea might be for you to contact the GR>EN current contributors and find out what's going on. I remember I've read in the weekly DL post on the languages progress update that "language teams" (as in the Yiddish team etc) apply for a course to be included in the incubator, then get the DL approval and start working for the course to progress to Beta etc. Just an idea, but maybe if you speak with them you'll find out more :D


    Great idea! I'll contact them righ now! :)


    I contacted one of the contributors of the English from Grek course, and he answered me that the Greek course is one of the next courses coming, but they don't know anything precise yet. :)


    That's great news!

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