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Why no XP totals?

Why does the leaderboard no longer show total XPs since beginning the course and progress toward the next level? A major motivator/reward has disappeared! I have asked repeatedly about this, but no reply.

February 9, 2015



you're right, it is kinda stupid since the daily goal appeared, there's no drirect motivation.. but i can copy you the list of levels and XPs required here if you want?


Sure, that would be great. Thanks.


This post has a bunch of ways to get that information: https://www.duolingo.com/comment/5610611


Go to "your profile". There you find your total points, your level and the points you need for the next level, for each language.


Thanks, louis.vang. Only my current level appears in my "Profile" on my laptop/desktop version, but not the current XP total or the number needed to get to the next level. On the mobile version for Android, it gives my current XP total and my current level, but not the number required for the next level. Kind of funny that the Android version still has hearts, too.


It is possible that i am in a A/B testing group for the information of the needed points and you have to wait till everyone gets it. The programs for Android and Desktop are two different programs, with other possibilities. A change in one program is not necessary integrated in the other program, or much later. Maybe the hearts stay in Android.


Yes, I guess that's possible. Or even likely. It's still frustrating, though, and I wish they'd get on with it!

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