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Double or nothing button

Why doesn't double or nothing button work?

February 9, 2015



it works all right for me, explain the problem more precisely?


Works for me too. And a better explanation would be helpful. You click to buy it but you can't buy it? You thought you'd double your wager but you didn't?


It works she is right I have just bought it


The button is there but is gray in color and doesn't respond when clicked. It says "0 of 7" It will not activate.


That basically means it's Day 0 for you (the day you purchased the wager). Next day if you again meet the daily goal, this will change to Day 1 and so on. On the seventh day, when you meet your daily goal, you will win the wager and get 10 lingots.


yes, but what is happening is that it remains gray and says 0 of 7 even though I am doing daily lessons and registering 1 more day on my streak. is more like I am unable to purchase the wager.


The first day, it is expected to remain on 0. But, the count of days should increase with each new day. If that is not the case, you can probably raise a ticket by clicking on Support button.

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