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"Jeg spørger den tosprogede dame, hvem hun er fransk."

Translation:I ask the bilingual lady who she is in French.

February 9, 2015



This sentece is a little crazy, perhaps it has sense in danish. Anybody can clarify it?, please


I will try: There is a lady whose name I would like to know. Since I know that she speaks two languages, I use French to ask her: "Qui êtes-vous, madame ?", hoping that her two languages are not Greek and Finnish.


It is just as crazy in the Danish trandlation.


My translation was: I ask the bilingual lady in French who she was. Why is that wrong?


Your translation is better. It is not wrong.


Your translation is better, except that it is in past tense - it should be "...who she is" (with a couple of commas around "in French," but DL doesn't care about punctuation).


The sentence has a dangling modifier. The correct translation should be: I ask, in French, the bilingual lady, who she is. Who she is does not depend on what language I ask her in.


As above, I have given the correct answer and marked as wrong! Why?


"was" is the past tense


When I took French class in High School, I had to select a French name to go by in class. My name in English is Craig, but in that class I was Pascal. It of course is not a translation. I have met a few people who have chosen English names. My interpretation was that I would be asking the bilingual lady what she goes by in French, which may or may not be similar to her Danish name (or other language).

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