I think this where I should post something like this.

So as of late, there has been a lot of spam on the duolingo's discussion boards. I was wondering if a setting could be made to automatically make every post that has more than ten down votes not show up in the stream. And from there, the moderators could look over the posts then decide whether it is discussion worthy or not. Also, could we have an option to omit all post that has the word "lingot" in them? Because more often than not, it is people who are new who are asking for these.


Edit: And/ or, in the discussion streams themselves, one could have the option to hide the discussion. Kind of like how Facebook has the option to hide individual posts on walls.

February 9, 2015


Yes let's try to have this happen! Good idea! The spam is really getting out of control.

Maybe not the lingot part because that word may come up in good discussions, but otherwise, yes!

It is just an idea that could be modified and be totally optional. For example, your personal settings could say "Don't show any discussion with more than 5 negative votes, 10 negative votes, 15 negative votes etc." Also, one could have an option to omit every discussion that has the words "lingot" or any word that one finds bothersome in the original post. Just an idea.

I agree, adding some kind of discussion "filter" to hide posts containing key words that the user could enter would make the new discussion tab fun again

That really doesn't work terribly well because sometimes these things go in flurries in both directions and discussions that get an initial load of downvotes sometimes end up with just the reverse. In part because some people just react to the title but also because people don't always agree.

that is why I said,

And from there, the moderators could look over the posts then decide whether it is discussion worthy or not

I think these are good suggestions. Another option would be allowing using the forum only after a certain period after the registration (say, a week?). That would remove all the common "I am here...", "I have arrived...", "hi everybody" from the forum.

Some kind of welcome to Duo introduction for newcomers might help with the "Hi" or "New to Duo, my name's Kelly" type posts. After all, when you first sign up for an account there are forms to fill etc, why not add a paragraph to the form explaining that these posts are Spam. ..... Let's be honest, these are ones which clog up the system but are innocent (for the most part) , These newcomers don't know any better and may well have used true social media first, the concept of a language site that has only language based discussions will be alien to them.

The lingot beggars are another matter entirely, as are the deliberate spammers and trolls. I think your suggestions are excellent, maybe they need a bit of tweaking as you say yourself but the basic idea behind them seems sound. It would also make it easier for the moderators as although they would still need to "patrol" the discussions, they would have less to look through if the others had already been quarantined for their inspection.

Have a lingot for one of the more constructive suggestions I've seen for a long time. :-)

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