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Progress on lessons not saved

I have completed the Basics 2 Lesson 2 about 15 times and the progress is still not saved. Support told me to stop firewall and proxies and despite that there is no saving of progress. Time practice also doesn't save progress, after the last question the page just loads for 1-2 minutes and then goes back to home without any sort of confirmation or error dialog. Help required. Need these lessons badly right now.

August 11, 2013



And no, stopping AdBlock doesn't work either. I'm on Chrome Browser.


Are you behind a proxy or otherwise have a non-standard internet connection (such as satellite)?


No i don't. And all of a sudden it's worked now after 20+ tries :/ I don't know what the issue was. It might just pop up again who knows


Happened again on Lesson 3, Basics 2. Tried thrice.


Have you tried a different browser to see if there's any difference? Might help indicate whether it's your browser or something else on you computer.


Yup already tried this. It's happening to another friend. Maybe it's regional? Shes in the same city as me. Something to do with IPs maybe. Dunno.

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