"El tomate pequeño es rojo."

Translation:The small tomato is red.

3 years ago



What are the rules on adjectives? How do you when to put them before or after the noun?

3 years ago


tru- grande becomes gran before a noun, malo/a, un mal momento, una mala idea. Bueno becomes buen before a noun, un buen libro. Also, when an adjective goes before the noun, it sometimes change the meaning. EX : un pobre hombre (pity). un hombre pobre (no money). su nueva casa he has a new house. una casa nueva, the house is recently built. Su antigua casa, the house he had before. ua casa antigua, a house who exists since a very long time.

2 years ago


Yeah... Its called a c-h-e-r-r-y t-o-m-a-t-o!

8 months ago


When you say the red tomato is small it is the same this as saying the small tomato is red

2 years ago


The man pronounced it wrong!! I wrote what i heard

1 year ago


when you're in year 3 and they tell you to spend the lesson describing a tomato and feel extremely proud when this is what you come up with

1 year ago


There is a mistake in the pronunciation of "rojo". The man says "roro"

1 year ago


What other color do you expect a tomato to be

4 months ago


Is there a difference between little or small? Or can you say both?

1 year ago
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