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Does Swedish have diminutives for names? In particular, I'm hoping to find a diminutive or nickname for Erik.


February 9, 2015



Not in the way German or Dutch does with -chen and -tje for example. We have no eqivalent. Instead, we'll use other ways to convey that meaning, but that depends on what you want to say.


Thanks for the info. I was hoping to surprise my Swedish friend Erik by knowing a cute name for him. There are essentially no diminutives or nicknames for Erik in English, either, but he also speaks Czech, so maybe I'll just have to call him Eričku or something instead. I have seen someone calling him "Erko" on Facebook, but I wasn't sure if that was a Swedish diminutive or just a pet name. Maybe I'll have to ask him.

If I want to just write him an email, is there a way to be cute when saying "Hej Erik"? Or when saying goodbye, etc.? Essentially, I just want to show affection without being too overt. He encourages me to speak Swedish a bit, but I'm still really just beginning, so we converse primarily in English.

Tack för information!


Without knowing him and how his friends and family speak to him, I can't say. There are nicknames which are sort of standard for a handful of names (Lars - Lasse, Nils - Nisse, Jan - Janne, Kristoffer - Krille etc) and which imply familiarity, but Erik has no such nickname.

Edit: apparently wikipedia had a little bit of info on this: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Diminutive#Swedish


Tack så mycket. : )


You can try "Kirre" or "Ecke" :)!

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