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WEEK #4:
MJÖLDRYGA (common gender/en-word, plural: mjöldrygor)
1. a type of fungus that most commonly grows on rye

February 9, 2015


'Mjöl' is flour and 'dryg' and related word family suggests "additional, extra". So something that is additional to flours, like a fungus that grows on seeds...yeah, makes sense.

In Finnish it is known as 'torajyvä', directly translating as 'strifegrain'. Apparently the symptoms of eating it include violent hallucinations...

February 12, 2015

Interesting! Mjöl is flour, so that makes sense, but trying to puzzle how dryga fits in...

February 10, 2015

Is it poisionous?

February 10, 2015

It can make you sick if you eat it. Read more at in Swedish or in English.

February 10, 2015

Yeah, it is called moederkoorn in Dutch. I would rather not eat it xD.

February 10, 2015
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