"O ventilador é útil em dezembro."

Translation:The fan is useful in December.

August 11, 2013



Very hard to hear this if you live well up in the northern hemisphere!

August 11, 2013


Here I suddenly realize that the course teaches Brasilian Portuguese.

October 17, 2016


That was made clear from the beginning though.

May 6, 2019



August 11, 2013


Oh, of course! :) I thought this was one of the Duolingo's funny sentences and it actually makes sense.

August 18, 2016


Well, actually ceiling fans are useful to distribute heat more evenly in the winter (spinning counter-clockwise) , especially if you have central or radiating heating in your home.

June 19, 2019


In Brazil, December is one of the hottest months of the year. Fans are indeed very useful for us to not celebrate the Christmas all wet in sweat!

April 3, 2016


The ventilator is useful in December. Wrong?

May 8, 2014


They look similar but have different meanings. As far as I'm aware, ventilator in English is something that assists breathing, or assists airflow in/out of a building/room. In this case it just translates to fan.

January 28, 2017


why i need a fan in winter?

October 29, 2014


To blow the hot summer air from Brazil to your home.

November 19, 2014


In Brazil, December is a summer month.

July 17, 2015


And also in Portuguese-speaking Angola and Mozambique!

February 15, 2016


I didn't know they spoke Portuguese there! Is it more like Brazilian or European Portuguese?

July 8, 2016


It is EP PT in all places outside of Brazil. :)


Which makes sense since it was the Portuguese going from place to place in the conquering "age of discovery" days (including Brazil). =]

Well, and then there is the Portuguese diaspora that makes up a third of Luxembourg, a significant part of Andorra, and makes Paris the city with the second highest population of Portuguese people (behind Lisboa). There are also significant populations of Portuguese in New York, New Jersey, Boston, Toronto, Vancouver, London, Germany, The Netherlands, and in Finland among others.

December 13, 2018


I don't know enough about the difference to be able to say -- I guess you'll have to go and find out!

July 10, 2016


...and Timor.

June 12, 2017


This, and the comments, remind me of two sci-fi space travellers one of whom says to the other: "Just think, it's Winter back on Earth"...

October 9, 2017
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