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lessons per day

I've been doing a minimum 10xp per day of both languages. If I have more down time, I'll do more. I tend to spend more time on German than Swedish since I've been self-studying German for a few years and really want to improve. I'm resolved to be patient with Swedish and learn a little well each day--quality over quantity.

Not looking for advice, I'm just curious how others approach their Duolingo schedules.

February 9, 2015



I have been learning both German and Swedish like you, but I had to quit German since the languages are too similar. Don't take me wrong - I spend plenty of time on Duolingo, its not the "barrier" between languages that I need to break, its just that you will constantly keep confusing words between these two, and it will be far harder to make any real progress.

Do not take my words seriously though, I was not able to deal with both Swedish and German at the same time, it doesn't mean you can't! But if you find it too hard, just focus on one at the time, or start learning language from another family (Slavic for example, languages of those family have VERY different grammar and words, its rather hard to confuse them with German).

As for schedule and quality/quantity issue - I tend to practice around 5-10h a week. It is perfect amount of time if you are leading a busy life, and you can always tone down when exams kick in. I try to go through 2-3 skills a week, and spend the rest of the time rehearsing them. I find this type of studying the most balanced, but hey, everyone is different!

Cheers mate!


Good advice for the study times! I've studied enough German that I don't confuse words with the Swedish. To me they seem about as different as English to German. At level 10 how's your Swedish? Any idea of the number of words you've learned?


I know a lot of people rush and finish entire tree by level 12 or so, however I do prefer quality over quantity. I have just finished "Verbs: Present I", but I feel very confident in previous lessons, and haven't experienced any skill drops.

As for words, I have learnt a dozen more outside of Duolingo. It might sound funny, but listening to Sabaton (Carolus Rex album, others are on English) whole day helps a bit with Swedish if you are into metal :D.


I try to learn 10 words a day in both French and Swedish. In Swedish, there's no separate "words" tab to tell you how many words you know, but you can download the Chrome extension "Duolingo XP Bar" (https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/duolingo-xp-bar/dkknkcpbgcaldcjpchgciginadhnapeh?utm_source=chrome-app-launcher-info-dialog) to get the old XP bar+word count back. Currently know 1168 French words and 464 Swedish words. :)


I recommend you to keep doing what you are doing.

Setting a goal and reaching it and sometimes even reaching above is way more motivational than aiming too high and failing.

Learning new languages takes time and the best way to learn is by small, small steps, one bit at a time.

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