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Improve your Spanish (and Portuguese) online!

Dear Spanish (and Portuguese) learners,

I'm a Spanish teacher and I have been working on a few Spanish teaching related "side projects". I wanted to share a few projects / resources with those of you who are seeking to continuously improve your Spanish digitally.

Fluid Spanish Online Language School: My online Spanish conversation based language school start-up


Daily Spanish Vocab - FS Instagram: I take pictures/videos of anything and everything and label it in español!


Spanish and Portuguese Resources: A solid collection of online resources that I have put together over the past 1-2 years


August 11, 2013



Fantastic links, especially the last one. Thanks for posting. :)


Absolutely. Any questions, just send me a message. Nice 101 day streak btw. ;-)


Wow, this is awesome. You should be knighted.


Haha, thank you! I've been putting a lot of work into all three and I decided that the content was now built up enough to start distributing. :-)


Awesome job Levi. I'm glad I took a peek at your resource page, because I was planning to make a similar (although nowhere near as comprehensive) list for Portuguese. But now I don't have to :)

I can also recommend

1) the Bookbox Portuguese playlist on Youtube (originally posted to Duolingo by JCMcGee)

2) http://www.learn-portuguese-with-rafa.com/ for quite a few good resources (EP and BP)


Riley, these are great! I just added them in to the resources page.


I just realised I didn't send the link for the bookbox playlist. You've managed to find an unofficial one, which will disappear if the user closes their account, so here's the official one from bookbox: http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLEA05E3789B7029A3

There's one for Spanish too http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLCE1049BCC2C78B97

And I've also found many helpful videos from Professor Jason (while we're on the topic of youtube) http://www.youtube.com/user/languagenow


Legal, obrigado amigo. These are some really great resources. Adding them in now!


Very much appreciated - thank you for sharing!


You're welcome. Any questions, just shoot me a message.


Hallo Levi, thank you for sharing those links. Do you know some links for me where I can learn from Dutch to Spanish?


Hola, no unfortunately I have never seen such a thing. :-( If I ever come across one, though, I'll try my best to keep you in mind.


Great post, thanks -I will bear it in mind when I eventually learn Spanish! Many of these are also helpful for other languages, but does anyone know of a good list of Italian online resources in its own right? I'm trying to put one together.


I found an Italian series of videos on YouTube. It is at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=j_VBxRQpE68. You can follow through by clicking the following videos which should be on the right. This is the first video of the series though. Enjoy!!


Thanks so much. I wanted to access the BBC videos (I'm helping some beginners with their Italian), but they're not accessible in Australia, from the site. It is hard to find quality lessons on youtube, but this one is great. I will add it to my list! Thanks goodness for the helpful Duolingo community.


No problem. Are you in Australia?


That is nice. I am in the United States


Are you referring to the videos on http://www.bbc.co.uk/languages/italian/ ? I'm in Australia and I don't have a problem playing them, is it possible that it's a different problem?


I can play La Mappa Misteriosa (fantastic!) but not the Talk Italian video lessons, except in narrowband which is tiny. Italian Steps and Italianissimo are no longer available on the site.


I also just saw this site: http://tutorino.ca/italian-links/ which has a good list of Italian online resources (although it can't be that good as Duolingo is not included!) Looks like a good website all round.


Portuguese links, wooo

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