Spanish accents

The keyboard no longer shows accented vowels. Where did they go and can they please come back?

February 10, 2015


Yes, please restore these accented vowels. They are very helpful for learning proper written Spanish. If for some reason you can't, please stop admonishing to "watch the accents" if there is no possibility of correctly typing in proper Spanish letters.

I agree! While it's possible to put in accents (if you press and hold a letter on the regular ios keyboard, all the accented/tilde'd options for that letter will appear), but it was so much easier when those letters appeared as part of the keyboard. I had finally started using accents in French, and now I don't want to bother anymore. Please bring the accented vowels back!

Same problem here on my iPad. That was one of my favorite recent additions to Duolingo, as I had tired of press/holding the keys and had given up on even trying to get the accents right.

I, too, am dismayed by this. It's incredibly frustrating not to be to use the accents. I hope this will be fixed soon.

I am having exactly the same problem! Plus--the option to hear a phrase spoken more slowly just disappeared! What happened? It was working find yesterday (Feb 10, 2014). Did some update undo those very useful features? Plus--I keep getting told I'm missing the accents, but I have no way to add them! Please fix this, DUOLINGO!

I agree on all of these counts. Whew. Glad to know it's a problem on Duolingo's end. Hope a fix is soon.

Same thing just happened to me. Thought it was something I did on my I-pad when I enabled the Spanish keyboard but after reading this I checked my phone and they are gone there too. Guess I will just pretend on the accents.

I'm having trouble keeping the Spanish keyboard activated, as it reverts back to english after a few seconds! hc

Is anyone at duolingo going to respond?

After a week there is still no Spanish keyboard and no way to add necessary accents--though what I write continues to be called incorrect on the "grading" function. We need that Spanish keyboard to learn the language correctly. I also wrote an email asking for help--but no response. Can you fix this glitch or respond in some way, please?

I received this reply from Duolingo Support on Feb. 9: "Thank you for contacting Duolingo Support. Your ticket is #405352 Your request has been received and is being reviewed by the Duolingo Team. Your request summary is: Spanish accents The accented vowels are no longer on the keyboard. This just happened in the update."

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