"A piece of string"

Translation:En bit snöre

February 10, 2015

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Why does this use en when snöre is an ett word?


Why is ett snöre a correct solution?


In Swedish, strings are countable, ett snöre, två snören. But in English, they don't really use a string that way. So ett snöre in Swedish would normally be 'a piece of string' in English.


But it is confusing. 'Ett snöre' I rather translate as 'one (whole piece of) string'. But 'a piece of string' is, I think, when I cut e.g. an inch out of it. On the other hand, 'one piece of string' again refers to the whole string. Maybe I'm just overthink the sentence. English is not my native.


Thank you for the explanation!


We can say "a string". "Do you have a string for this kite?" It depends on whether the person has a string or comes back with a big roll of string that you will need to cut a piece from.


Is en bit av snöre also correct? Or is that an Anglicism?


That's an anglicism, Swedish doesn't want av there.


by once reviewing, I got this sentence for more than 10th time?! what is wrong here?! come on, there have been more than thousand sentences to review


This is probably nothing to do with the Swedish course specifially, more about how Duo works in general. They run a lot of A/B tests (they let different groups of users have different experiences, and then they check which group got the best results) so that how the lessons work can change considerably. I'm currently getting sentences over and over again until I get them right at least once, but it may work differently for you if you're in a different test group. There are usually many discussions about this in the general forums.


thanks for the time to write this down.


How long is a piece of string?


Så lång som den behöver vara.


Wouldn't en del av work with snöre? Instead of en bit.


If I'm not mistaken del is like a fraction or a part, like a slice of pie, and bit is like a piece or a bit.

Del is related to English deal, like when you deal out cards, and to dole, like when you distribute money.


This question is not just. A piece of string translates as en bit snöre. At least for me. While ett snöre means a string. However they can mean the same, the last one is not the real "word by word" translation. So why am I wrong if I choose only that one what means really what the question is asking? Sometimes the questions are really not pedagogical and helpful but really confusing.


Ett was not an option in the pick the tile lesson and the only hover clue was ett snöre. I thought it was a bug and got it wrong. When do you use ett snöre and when do you use en bit snöre??

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