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Pronouncing the G in Jag?

I was watching a video and the girl in the video says "jaG" and really pronounces the 'G' when she's speaking slowly with emphasis, but doesn't pronounce the 'G' on the end anywhere else. Is this common for adding emphases/speaking slowly/clearly, or something else?

This is the video in question, queasy stomach warning, she says "jaG" about 0:20 or so: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=m20TSyaEEHc

Also, when she says "Hej vad heter du" it sounds like "Hej vetter du"... Is that commonly contracted like that when spoken? Is that what she's saying there or am I mishearing?

And she pronounces "och" as "ook" kinda... Is that a regional accent? Does anyone know what region?

February 10, 2015



A lot of Swedish words are only fully pronounced when they are being emphasized. Common examples include:

  • vad -- va
  • var -- va
  • jag -- ja
  • har -- ha
  • är -- ä
  • det -- de
  • med -- me
  • och -- o

Some other interesting pronunciations include:

Things where "d" gets converted/merged into "r":

Also, the parts without emphasis tends to get really contracted. Like, "Hej, jag håller på att lära mig svenska" would be something like "Hej, jahållerpåattläramig svenska".

See this comment regarding "och": https://www.duolingo.com/comment/6840828

(These are all observations from my own usage of the language, they will probably differ depending on the region you're in and who you're talking to)

EDIT: I recorded all of the sentences so you can hear what it sounds like!


Do the words really get smashed together like that? ö.e Do you find it challenging to understand?


It's just a personal observation, I think we Swedes tend to change the speed of our speech a lot more than English speakers. English sentences are spoken in a "fixed" speed while in Swedish we speed up and slow down a bit more.

I'm a native so I don't have any problems with it.

Also, I added recordings to the previous comment! Check them out and let me know if you want me to record something else!


I would agree for the most part.


Unless quite emphasised, leave the G silent in jag. Some Swedes will overpronounce it in the belief that written language is more correct, but that's really just hypercorrection.

Hashmush elaborates a bit on silent letters and has quite a few relevant points.

This is why listening to actual spoken Swedish is so very important to do parallel with studying Swedish here if you want to be proficient enough to hold a conversation and understand each other well.

Perhaps most important is to get the process by which D in du, det, den, de and dem is often reduced to R between vowels in speech. That's why you'll hear "Vad gör du?" as if it were "va göru?".


In my experience, I don't usually say the g unless I'm emphasizing, as you stated. And for the "hej vad heter du" - she's just speaking quickly so it all slurs together.

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