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"We have proof that he finds himself in this area."

Translation:Abbiamo prove che lui si trovi in questa zona.

August 11, 2013



Perché non si puo dire: "Abbiamo prova..." ?


If this sentence asserts certainty, why is "trovi" in the subjunctive?


Indeed, shouldn't it be the indicative here? Thank you.


There is no clue at all that there is more than one proof (one piece of evidence). Proof and evidence are always singular in English, so how is one to know to use the plural here?

(Proof is only plural when it is used in the context of printed samples.)


Why does the verb change between the two acceptable translations?

• Abbiamo prove che si trova in quest'area.

• Abbiamo prove che lui si trovi in questa zona.

What's the difference?

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